Sep 4, 2010

Study: Internet Growth in Indonesia, most rapidly

For Internet users in Southeast Asia, Indonesia seems to successfully achieve as much as 48% active internet users. At least that's the result that made the Net Index Study conducted by Yahoo.

The number is up 26% compared to the year 2009. That is because the increase in Internet users via mobile phone or mobile internet and the trend to access online media.

Tariffs and the expansion of 3G in Indonesia seems to play an important role in the growth of the Internet. Users of social networks also achieve up to 77%, up about 19% from a year ago.

In other countries such as Vietnam. Number of online news readers and gamers seem to have also increased. As many as 97% of its citizens get the news through the local news sites and internet portals.

Nevertheless, the use of social media reach a lower percentage. Only 40% of users take advantage of online forums and 20% more likely enjoy a blog service. While mobile Internet use still seems low, namely 19%.

That percentage is actually being increased by 9% than the number of users in the last year. And once traced, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang was the lead in mobile Internet usage.

The difference again in the Philippines. Apparently the mobile Internet has been growing rapidly this year. Compared to the year 2009, as many as 18% users use the Internet to find information. While as many as 62% benefit from access to search for images and video sharing site that reaches 52%.

Furore echoes the social networking site Facebook seems to touch the Filipinos. As many as 79% of internet users prefer to open the site this Zuckenburg Mark besutan. Apparently, the main goal of social media in this country is for networking to reach 53% and to access the content as much as 30%.

The study highlights three main changes in this year. First is the user in the area now consume more online media to find out the latest information. Second, the increasing user involvement in social media in the Internet, both in terms of contributions as well as in distributing information on the Internet. Last is the increasing consumption of the users on the content contained entertainment, gossip and games.

"At the time of explosion of Internet growth in Southeast Asia, Yahoo is leading the industry in its commitment to providing marketers with the knowledge necessary to take advantage of great opportunities that are available in every area," said Ken Mandel as Vice President Regional Market Advertising Yahoo! In Asia Pacific.

Quoted from Media Asia, Saturday (06/05/2010). Net Index This study aims to examine the trend of Internet usage in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines each year. This study is a collaboration between Yahoo, TNS, Nielsen and Synovate.



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