Sep 4, 2010

Krakatoa Legend

Mount Krakatau ancient
Seeing the area of Mount Krakatau in the Sunda Strait, experts estimate that in ancient times there is a huge mountain in the Sunda Strait that finally erupted leaving a massive caldera (crater big) called Ancient Krakatoa volcano, which is the parent of the Krakatoa volcano that erupted in 1883. The mountain is composed of andesitic rocks.Notes on Ancient Krakatoa eruption taken from an ancient Javanese texts, entitled King Parwa Library presumably from the year 416 AD. Among others, stated:"There was a sound of thunder that boomed from Mount Batuwara. There is also a scary earth tremors, total darkness, thunder and lightning. Then came the wind and rain storm and all the terrible storms darken the whole world. A big flood came from Mount Batuwara and flows east to Mount Kamula .... When water drown him, the island of Java, separated into two, creating an island of Sumatra. "
Geologists B.G. Escher and some other experts argue that the natural events that are told come from Ancient Krakatoa volcano, which is referred to in the text Batuwara Mt. According to King Parwa Library books, the higher the Ancient Krakatau was reaching 2000 meters above sea level, and the circle of beaches reaching 11 kilometers.
Due to the great explosion, three-quarters of the body were destroyed leaving a caldera of Krakatoa Ancient (a large crater) in the Sunda Strait. The sides or edges crater known as Rakata Island, Long Island and Island Sertung, in another note called the island of Rakata, Rakata Island and Small Island Sertung.
The explosion was allegedly responsible for the occurrence of the dark ages on earth. Bubonic plague disease occurs because the temperature cools. This disease significantly reduces the number of people on earth.
Development of Mount Krakatoa
Rakata Island, which is one of three remaining islands Ancient Krakatoa volcano then grow in accordance with encouragement from the volcanic bowels of the earth known as Rakata volcano made of basaltic rocks. Then, the two emerged from the volcano crater, named Mount Danan and Mount Perbuwatan which later merged with Mount Rakata came first. The third union volcano is called Mount Krakatoa.
Mount Krakatoa erupted in 1680 had produced andesitic lava acid. Then in 1880, Mount Perbuwatan active issue, although not erupt lava. After that time, there was no volcanic activity at Krakatau until May 20, 1883. On that day, after 200 years asleep, a small explosion occurred at Mount Krakatoa. That would be the early signs of violent eruption in the Sunda Strait. This small explosion was followed by small explosions that peak occurs at 26 to 28 August 1883.
The eruption of Mount Krakatau
On the day Monday, August 27, 1883, promptly at 10:20, the mountain explodes. According to Simon Winchester, a geologist who graduated from the University of Oxford UK National Geoghrapic authors also said that the blast was the biggest, loudest voice and volcanic events of the most destroyed in the history of modern man. Eruptive sound audible to 4600 km from the center of the eruption, and can even be heard by the eighth peduduk earth at that time.
According to researchers at the University of North Dakota, with the Krakatoa explosion of Tambora (1815) recorded a value of Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI), the largest in modern history. While the book of The Guinness Book of Records recorded the explosion of Krakatoa as the most powerful explosion in recorded history.
In addition, the explosion of Krakatoa had been throwing stones pumice and volcanic ash with a volume of 18 cubic miles. Vulkanisnya dust sprinkles mencavai 80 km. Hard objects are scattered into the air fell on the plains of Java and Sumatra, even to Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand.
As a result of the eruption destroyed Danan mountain, Mount Perbuwatan and part of Mount Rakata, where a half cone is missing, create a basin-wide and 7 km deep as 250 meters. Sea waves rising as high as 40 meters to destroy the villages and what was on the coast. The tsunami was caused not only because of the eruption but also submarine sliding.
Recorded number of the dead reached 36 417 people from 295 villages in coastal areas ranging from Peacock (Attack) until cilamaya in Karawang, West coast of Banten on the screen until the Tanjung Pulai Panaitan (Ujung Kulon and southern part of Sumatra. In Ujungkulon, the flood went up to 15 km to the west. The next day, until a few days later, residents of Jakarta and Lampung hinterland no longer see the sun. generated tsunami waves propagate down to the coast and even Hawaii, the west coast of Central America and the Arabian Peninsula, a distance of seven thousand kilometers.
Anak Krakatau
Starting in 1927 or approximately 40 years after the eruption of Mount Kakatau, appeared volcano known as Anak Krakatoa caldera of an ancient region which is still active and still growing in height. High growth speed selitar 20 inches per month. Every year he would be higher around 20 feet and 40 feet wider.
Another note to mention the addition of tiggi approximately 4 cm per year and if dihitu, then within 25 years the addition of high-achieving children Rakata 7500 inches or 500 feet higher than the previous 25 years. The cause of the high mountains due to the material that comes out of the new belly of the mountain. Currently the height of Anak Krakatau reach about 230 meters above sea level, while Mount Krakatoa previously had 813 meters high above sea level.
According to Simon Winchester, despite what happened in the life of Krakatoa which used to be very scary realities of geology, seismic and tectonic in Java and Sumatra strange will ensure that what used to happen at some point will happen again. No one knows exactly when Anak Krakatau will erupt. Some geologists predict eruptions in going to happen between 2015-2083. However, the effect of the earthquake in the Indian Ocean base at December 26, 2004 also can not be ignored.
According to Professor Ueda Nakayama one Japanese national experts volcano, Anak Krakatau is still active and relatively safe although there are frequent small eruptions, there are only certain times of the tourists are prohibited from approaching the area because of the danger that it spit out lava of the volcano. Other experts claim there is no plausible theory of Anak Krakatau will again erupt. Even if there are at least three centuries or more after 2325 AD But clearly, the number of victims caused more severe than the previous eruption.



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