May 3, 2011

How to Build Loyalty on Facebook

If your business has set up a storefront on Facebook and attracted a decent number of people to “like” you, so that your posts appear on their Facebook pages, you may think your work is done. Just write something once in a while about a new product, a featured sale, or a star employee and you figure you’ve joined the social media conversation.
Well, not quite. Experts say that what gets people to be fans of your business by clicking “like” is different from what will make them the regular readers who keep coming back to your Facebook page and responding to the posts that you send out.
While building loyalty is a separate process, it doesn’t have to be difficult or particularly time consuming. Here are some of the most efficient ways you can do it. Follow these tips, and you can engage and maintain that loyal following:
  • Ask questions: When you post something on your wall, put it in the framework of a simple question. For instance, when announcing the new season’s styles, you can ask fans what color they think is the most appealing. Interaction will help you get good placement on your fans’ Facebook pages as well as some answers that might surprise you.
  • Post consistently: The maximum seems to be once a day, and for some businesses once a week is enough. You can gauge what works best for your audience by trying different intervals and seeing how much response you get. The key is once you settle on a schedule, be consistent. The repetition conditions fans to look forward to your input. However, there’s nothing wrong with switching up the content. Photos, videos, reviews, notes, and an events calendar are all valuable as well as entertaining.
  • Respond: “There is nothing more disconcerting to a customer than a lack of response to a question, compliment, or complaint, when the customer has opened up the communication channel on Facebook,” says Scott Meldrum, founder of Pollin8, a social media marketing agency. So make sure you set aside time every day to answer questions and respond to complaints.
  • Thank your fans: Post a thank-you to your new fans for “liking” you every month or so. Tell them that you appreciate their time and their attention. It’s a chance for you to speak directly to your clients. Take the opportunity to ask them to share your content with their friends on Facebook and elsewhere.
  • Give them a deal: Don’t overlook the obvious. Ask your Facebook fans to buy something from you and give them an exclusive benefit for doing so. It could be a discount, tickets to an event, a free sandwich, anything that will keep them coming back to the site and into your store. Be creative.
  • Ask how you are doing: Make sure to ask your fans what you could do on Facebook to make your relationship better. This is a social-media-savvy group, and they won’t hesitate to offer opinions and advice.
One way to determine how well you are doing is to check out your competitors. Meldrum suggests that you "like" your competitors' Facebook pages and visit them weekly.
“Look at how they are interacting with their fans and how their fans are interacting with them,” he says. “Become part of the complete fan experience so you can see exactly how to make it better for your customers.” Then you can really say you have joined the social media age.
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