Sep 1, 2010

Indonesia unique places.

Bali is most popular travel destination in the world. Many people know Bali rather than Indonesia. Bali is a part of Indonesia. There are many beautiful places in Bali. Most beautiful place is Kuta. It is beautiful beach with beautiful waves. International and domestic tourist will have amazing surfing experience. We can find many surfers enjoy the kuta wave. If we don’t bring surf board, there are surf board rental. We also can find amazing sunset from Kuta beach.
credit picture: Flickr
Many International surfing events have been held in Kuta beach. There are many international hotels near Kuta beach. We can find cheap and expensive one. We can find kuta beach from Ngurah Rai International Airport. About 20 minutes from ngurah rai. From Kuta beach we can find Sanur beach. You will see white sand at sanur beach; there are five star hotels around sanur beach. Dreamland beach also another beautiful beach in Bali. There are white sand and blue marine. Many people take sun bathing in dreamland. Beside Kuta, Sanur and dreamland there are many beautiful beach like lovina beach.
credit picture: Flickr
Beside beach we also can find mount as travel destination. There are gunung agung. In gunung agung we may find Kintamani Lake. It is lake in the mountain. Beside Bali we can find Java Island. Just about 30 minutes across Bali strait we will arrive at java island.
From Gilimanuk port there are many ferry boats with destination ketapang, port in Banyuwangi. Banyuwangiis a part of east java province. And Surabaya is capital city in east java province. There are 6 provinces in Java Island. There are Banten, DKI Jakarta, West Java, Jogjakarta and east java. Capital city in Banten is serang. Capital city on DKI Jakarta is Jakarta. Capital city of west Java is Semarang and capital city of Jogjakarta is Jogjakarta. Surabaya also known as hero city. Jogjakarta also known as student and culture city. There is Keraton Jogjakarta.
In central java we will find prambanan temple and Borobudur temple. Borobudur temple become one or wonder world. It is biggest temple in the world that has build by syailendra dynasty. The location of Borobudur temple in Magelang. Bandung is capital city of west java province. Many people know Bandung as Paris van java. Jakarta is most busy city in Indonesia. Jakarta is capital city of Indonesia. It is government and business center in Indonesia. Jakarta is one of metropolitan city in the world. You will find traffic jam at business day. It is never sleep town. There are many travel destinations in Jakarta. You may find many shopping centers in Jakarta. There are modern and traditional shopping centers. We also can find Ragunan zoo, the biggest zoo in Indonesia..



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