Jun 9, 2010

Team Building Techniques

Effective team building techniques are very important to set a common goal in the minds of team members, especially in the corporate world. This article focuses on why is team building important and also provides you with some team building tips.

Team building has proven to be extremely useful in the business world where executives have different thought processes. They have different perspectives of looking towards a scenario. Due to this, personal ego and attitude can cause clashes among the employees and executives. This results in unhealthy relations which in turn affects employee performance. Due to such barriers between team members, the team won't be able to achieve what they are expected to. In such a situation, team building comes to the rescue.

Team Building Concepts
Team building is a kind of bonding of all team members who come from different backgrounds and have different ways of thinking. It enables a mutual understanding and a common goal to be created in the minds of all team members. It helps them in increasing their performance levels and quality, better decision making, problem solving, innovative thinking, and resolving conflicts.

Good Communication in Team Building
Communication is certainly a crucial factor in team building. Team building techniques and activities which don't involve effective communication are unproductive. It is very important for team members to communicate with each other to pass on their views and ideas. With effective communication, every team member comes to know how the other person thinks, what work does he expect, and what he is capable of. This helps in working efficiently and dividing the work accordingly among the team members, which promotes proper coordination.

Motivation in Team Building
Employee motivation is also a significant aspect of getting the best from the employee. Team building is an effective tool for the management to motivate and encourage employees to move forward towards the set goals. Motivation enables an employee to think that his contribution is truly important for the company. It includes building a person's confidence regarding his work, his team members, and the company goals.

Team Building Projects

A good leader or manager would surely be aware of all the team building strategies. There are many ways of promoting team building, be it at the workplace or on an outing. Team building strategies are put into practice when either the team has performed well and is expected to continue doing so, or the team is not giving its best for any specific reason. There are several processes in a company, and there may arise a need of two or more processes to work for a single project. In such cases, the leaders arrange some activities which would help the teams communicate and coordinate with teams from other processes for getting ready for the collective work.

Every employee has different strengths and capabilities, and so roles and responsibilities should be assigned on that basis. Employees come from various backgrounds, so the company should take advantage of the diverse mentality in their working processes. Typical team building techniques normally consist of an outdoor trip with all the members of a team. In such activities, they play creative and informative games that includes communication. There are also some informal corporate team building activities just to make the employees feel that it is solely not a formal event.

There are many other team building techniques that can be used by experienced managers to bond a team together for a common purpose. After all, 'team building for success' is the most important motto in an organization.

Author : Stephen Rampur
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